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PTC Trust Fund

Executive Council of WMO at its forty-seventh session (Geneva, June 1995) expressed its appreciation to the WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC) for the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea for its efforts in establishing a Trust Fund. The Council also endorsed the establishment of this Trust Fund and its management by WMO.

The Trust Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) provides support to the PTC to facilitate the implementation of its programmes and other support activities or activities of PTC Members related to program objectives including training on tropical cyclones forecasting and storm surge modeling. The Fund also assists in the provision of institutional support to the PTC Secretariat.

The Fund has been established from voluntary cash contributions provided by Members of the PTC. Contributions can be made directly to WMO or though the PTC Secretariat. Acceptance of contributions other than those from Members of the PTC, are subject to the approval of the PTC. Contributions are requested to be made in US dollars or any other readily convertible currency. The Secretary General of WMO or his authorized representative is responsible for the management of the Fund.

The Fund is administered by the Secretary-General of WMO in accordance with the financial regulations of the WMO, supplemented by the provisions of the present rules and any supplementary directives or interpretation of these rules that may be decided upon by the Executive Council of WMO.

The twenty-ninth session of PTC (Yangon, Myanmar, 12-18 March, 2002) noted that in order to initiate joint programmes and activities for its Members it is necessary to increase the voluntary annual contributions. It agreed to increase the voluntary annual contributions from US$ 1,000 to US$ 2,000. The PTC also welcomes any additional contributions by its Members.

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