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PTC Newsletter “Panel News”

WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC) Secretariat publishes PTC newsletter “Panel News” regularly. The “Panel News” which is published biannually contains information on the development activities in the PTC region especially covering meteorology and hydrology; tropical cyclones and early warning systems; disaster prevention, preparedness and risk reduction; trainings and workshops; research articles; and reports on significant weather events. It also contains policy information to target the policy makers and planners for improved disaster prevention and preparedness (DPP) activities to affectively addressing the hydrometeorological disaster risk reduction challenges in the PTC region. The PTC Member countries, through their Panel News Correspondents, also send news material and contributions to PTC Secretariat for publication in the PTC newsletter.

The PTC newsletter “Panel News” is officially distributed among the PTC Member countries, WMO, UNESCAP and other international and regional organizations engaged in meteorology, hydrology and DPP activities.

The issues of Panel News published during the recent years are listed below. Their electronic versions/soft copies can also be downloaded.

Issue 30    Issue 31    Issue 32    Issue 33    Issue 34    Issue 35    Issue 36    Issue 37    Issue 38

Issue 39    Issue 40    Issue 41    Issue 42    Issue 43

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